Making Affilate Marketing Work

 Protect Your Affilate Ids!

I know some your affiliate marketers out there are working hard to get those referrals! From joe bucks to ppp audio ads, there is one thing you must know:

 Cloak your affiliate links!!

 Cloak my links? But Why?

Well because don’t you know if you do not “cloak” your links, you can lose up to 30% of your commission income?

Thirty percent!! Why is this so?

Well…… it has to do with because people  really don’t want anyone to make an ‘honest buck’ off any of their purchases. Is that very selfish! You know people have to earn money to live!

Yes it is very selfish, because we live in a very selfish society, and that is how allot people act. They have a “coded procedure” in their subconscious minds that make them avoid affiliate links.  You can not change the way people think and act, but you CAN and definitely SHOULD do something to protect your affiliate commissions!

That is were affiliate link cloaking comes in!

First Method-Directory Redirect (does not cost a thing)

1)Connect to your web server

2) Create a properly named directory

3) Create a single index htm (or index.htm), use notepad if you don’t have a HTML editor.

4) Edit that file, so it contains this exact code:



<frame src=”your affiliate URL”>



 It is generally ok to copy your merchant’s page title(the one that appears on top of your browser’s window when you go through your affiliate link, and double check your affiliate URL and make sure it has no typos!

5) Place the new index HTML file in your new directory.

And that is it! Your affiliate link is now cloaked.



Looks and sounds better.

Second Method-Sub-domain Redirect

and then com ending is the main advantage of a sub-domain redirect)

It really depends on a web-host’s individual rules and configuration. In general you have to create a directory (sometimes specific location) and then use the host’s browser tools to set a sub-domain in that directory. Then you will place the index.html (or .htm) file in the directory your new sub-domain points to. The HTML code does not change.

Sub-domain redirects are allot more effective than regular directory redirects, they generally provide better results.

Okay Drum roll please……..

Third Method Separate Cloaking Domain


The standard separate domain now covers a sub-domain or a directory (That again depends on the web host’s rules)

The good thing it does not look like an affiliate link anymore! 100% effective promotions! Woohoo! Your visitors don’t feel pitched with URLs anymore. Their “mind breaks” are off, and that results in an open buy mindset.

Better Click Through Rates! (CTR)

Better Conversion Rates! (CR)

More sales and higher commissions!

Now, you do not want to do it manually. I do recommend a FREE website that does directory redirect for you.

 Just go to and sign as a FREE member to start protecting your affiliate URLS.

 And just sit and pat yourself on the back .:)


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