Check These Websites Out!!

You heard how Myspace and Facebook have over 1 million users, and don’t get paid a dime! Well that is about to change! Introducing 3 websites that will pay you to make friends, chat, play games, and referrals. Yuwie:Networking site that is really growing really fast. Pays you through paypal., or by check if you prefer. Pays around the middle of the month. Click here to get started: | invite friends. hang out. get paid.

Narple: Cool networking site that is mainly a business community of Internet marketers looking to make friends, and get paid for it too! Pays by check. Click here to get started:


Rotatrix: Another business network social site when you join, you have an opportunity to join traffatrix, in which helps you get more referrals (friends) to join your page. Payment is by check or paypal. Share ideas about about which business works and does not work. Click here to get started:

Rotatrix” target=”_new”>Rotatrix

You will earn a ton of money quickly, but you can build a nice part time income linking all three of these sites together on your my space pages, blogs, and your website. They have unique colorful banners that attracts a surfer’s wondering attention.

I also just recently joined a few more social sites, i have not have any experience with them as of yet, but here they for anyone to checkout!!

 Earn “zoops” at this website and have it converted in to cash!

This is a business social network where people get paid to come together to share buinesses.

This website is a place where members from all over the world discuss tips on everyday life. If you contribute to the My Lot Community- posting discussions, commenting, or refferal friends you make money!

Also Check this website on PPP (Pay Per Play) Audio Advertising! They say it is the next big thing to make a good income!

That is all I have right now. I will be posting here soon as I sign up for them!


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