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New Squidoo Lens

I just added my new squidoo lens today. You can check it out at this link:

Please give me some feed back on this lens!

About Me

I am an 31 year mother of a two year. I am in photography, graphic art, 3d art, and Poetry.I am currently right trying to sell some of my stock images on-line at different micro-stock photography sites. But until I can afford the right equipment to really become professional at it, I am trying other ways to make streams of income which involves social networking, writing blogs with referral links to micro-photography sites, referring over people to join sites like yewie and rotatrix to earn commissions. Please if anyone could offer some support and assistance in starting out, I would be very grateful! My Activities: I work full time as an employee for work at home call center for alpine access. I am an airline reservations agent. So you can see I already work at home. Other than working at me, I am busy taking care of my 2 year daughter, taking pictures to upload to micro stock websites, trying to learn how to grasp affiliate marketing so I can make a honest dollar. Oh I am also a part time independent contractor with Demo-sales/Pro Demo Works doing demonstrations in local walmart stores in my area (Middle Ga). Other than that, looking for ways to supplement income (which is sometimes VERY FUSTRATING!!!) 


 Photograpy of Course!-Portrait, Landscape, and Still Life, Photography Manuplilation in Photoshop, creating graphic art from photographs in photoshop, and creating 3d backgrounds and screensavers, and writing Poetry.


First of all, Believing in the Lord, and Jesus Christ, my savior. Anything related to Photography, Graphic Art, 3D Art, Poetry and making income on line

Hi Check out My Poetry Corner on Blogger.

I just dug up some poetry I wrote over the years and I am now posting to Blogger and Helium. You can read my poetry here on Blogger: I will post the Helium link really soon.